Artrates Agency  アートレイツ・エージェンシー

Artrates Agency helps and supports the promotion of Japanese artists who are willing to spread their activities in the world. For those who have gained acclaim within Japan but missed international opportunities due to their English abilities, we are happy to assist by bridging the gap and developing relationships between the Japanese artists and the galleries/curators of the world. Please contact us with any enquiries at

アーティストと海外ギャラリー・キュレーターとの架け橋となるべく、Artrates Agencyは世界のアート関係者と日本人アーティストの関係構築をお手伝いしています。

Group Exhibition info

Art Fusion 2016

Part. 1 : May 17-21
Part.2 : May 24-28. 2016
Jadite Galleries, New York

Solo Exhibition info

MAYA Solo Exhibition
May 7-28, 2016

Sayuka Bloodstone Solo Exhibition
June 4-July 2, 2016



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TEL: +81- 3-5738-8682 (Japan)